EYFS Adventures

Capture your children’s imaginations, engage and inspire them with enjoyable physical activity.

Our child friendly stories follow 2 characters on their adventures packed with exciting activities to bring the children’s learning to life whilst providing them with the skills they need as they embark on their own Physical Development journey.

This innovative scheme of work, centred on creativity, uses rhyming stories, pictures and music as stimuli to develop the children’s fundamental movements skills, control and coordination.

Pippa and Eddie EYFS Adventures Stories

A visit to the Zoo

Pippa and Eddie are excited to visit the Zoo and help feed and play with all the animals but when the cheeky monkeys escape, can they get them all back in their cages?

An encounter with Pirates

Yo! Ho! Yo Ho! Pippa and Eddie meet Captain Beck and his crew as they search for land and find the treasure but will they have to walk the plank?

A Day on the Farm

Pippa and Eddie spend an action packed day of the farm. Helping Farmer Jack, they meet all the animals and plant some crops. But will they avoid the cow pat?

Under the Sea

Pippa and Eddie are enjoying exploring the ocean floor and meeting all the wonderful sea creatures until the meet the Shark, Big Bad Bill.

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    Latest Adventures

    An adventure with the Emergency Services

    Our latest offering in the Pippa and Eddie adventures sees our duo having to deal with a real life emergency.

    Pippa and Eddie learn how the Emergency Services help us and are called into action the help the Police, Fire service, ambulance and the coastguard when something goes wrong!

    “The children are enthused and enjoy participating in the activities which are both easy to follow and resource, as well as having flexibility so each exercise can be adapted to allow all children to access the lesson depending on their physical abilities.
    Another great advantage to the programme is that, with it being in a story format, the lessons inextricable link all the prime areas of the EYFS curriculum”

    Miss Gregg, Reception Teacher.