Why Pippa and Eddie?

Our vision is to engage children in enjoyable physical activities whilst making it as easy as possible for teachers and early year practitioners to inspire their children.

From our experience of teaching early years, accompanied by our passion for Physical Education. We believe that the journey towards a physically active and healthy lifestyle starts from an early age and through Pippa and Eddie’s active adventures, they get off to a great start.

Feedback from schools, nurseries, childminders and parents has been brilliant, by igniting the children’s imagination they can’t wait to find out where Pippa and Eddie go next or what activity they need to do that comes with it.

I like the look of it but can I find out more information before I buy it?

Of course, we’d be delighted to demonstrate how the stories work and can support you to deliver engaging and enjoyable PE and Physical Activities to your children. We can show you through a quick webinar or talk you through it with temporary access over the phone. Please either call us on 0800 062 2923 or email us at hello@eyfspeadventures.com with your details and a convenient time for us to call you back.

How does the 12 month subscription work?

If you sign up to option A (Online Only) or option C (Online and Resource Pack) then you will receive a12 month subscription to access everything online. Within hours of signing up and payment clearing you will receive your individual username and password and you can login through the website and access all resources I our members area. Here you can have the story pictures playing on the interactive whiteboard or projected onto the wall in the hall for the children to view during each lesson.

You subscription lasts for 12 months and will be renewed each year unless you inform us that you do not wish to.

We don’t have much space or equipment, could we still use this resource?

Don’t worry, we provide you with 2 different teaching cards. The PE lesson cards provides ideas for activities that can be used in regular hall with simple equipment. The activity resource is designed to provide schools, nurseries or even childminders with simplified games and activities that can be played instead, whilst still linking into the story and developing the children’s fundamental movement skills.

We are a part of a chain, could all of us have access?

Absolutely, and you can get a discount too! Please get in touch with us on 0800 062 2923 or email us at hello@eyfspeadventures.com for more information.

Can we request a theme for a story?

Please do, we have designed the EYFS PE Adventures to specifically link into topics that are taught in early years and provide an holistic approach to teaching and developing children’s knowledge as well as their physical skills. We plan to write more stories and upload them regularly but if there is a subject you would like us to consider, we can’t make any promises, but if it is a popular choice ,please let us know and we will add it to the list! Send them through to hello@eyfspeadventures.com