Our stories

Every EYFS PE Adventure follows Pippa and Eddie through a range of active and interactive activities developing children’s coordination, control and fundamental movement as well as their ability to communicate, share and work together.
We believe children learn in an integrated way and the EYFS PE Adventures provide active and enjoyable PE lessons linked to age related topics and appropriate learning styles.

During each story, children will:

  • WARM UP with directed musical support
  • Develop a range of fundamental MOVEment and locomotion skills,
    have the opportunity to be CREATIVE
  • Develop balance and CONTROL of their bodies
  • COORDINATE their movements and develop upbeat manipulation
  • Communicate and WORK TOGETHER with a partner or as part of a team
  • Have the opportunity to COMPETE, learning to win and lose
  • Think and overcome a CHALLENGE
  • PARTICIPATE in a group activity, sharing and taking turns
  • Receive a HEALTHY message involving opportunities for mindfullness or topical discussion

The resources, whether online, hard copy or both, provide teachers and practitioners with everything they need, making it easy for them to deliver fun, exiting, multi sensory PE lessons. The continuous and progressive aspects of each story means it can flexible and manipulated to suit the environment and structure of a busy timetable, whilst also allowing teachers to provide an enriched pedagogy promoted through a cross-curricular approach to learning.

The stories are also appropriate for KS1 to support and reinforce Physical Development and national curriculum objectives.

Join Pippa and Eddie as they go on adventures and help them along the way.

Under the Sea

Pippa and Eddie are enjoying exploring the ocean floor and meeting all the wonderful sea creatures until the meet the Shark, Big Bad Bill.

Can Pippa and Eddie help their friends escape?

Fantasy Fairy Tale

Can Pippa and Eddie save the Princess who has been locked away in the dungeon by the evil Wizard Rick? They’ll meet Dragons and Lizards as they work together to try and save her!

A Day on the Farm

Pippa and Eddie spend an action packed day of the farm. Helping Farmer Jack, they meet all the animals and plant some crops. But will they avoid the cow pat?

A visit to the zoo

Pippa and Eddie are excited to visit the Zoo and help feed and play with all the animals but when the cheeky monkeys escape, can they get them all back in their cages?

An encounter with Pirates

Yo! Ho! Yo Ho! Pippa and Eddie meet Captain Beck and his crew as they search for land and find the treasure but will they have to walk the plank?

An adventure with the Emergency Services

Pippa and Eddie learn how the Emergency Services help us and are called into action the help the Police, Fire service, ambulance and the coastguard when something goes wrong!